(92pcs) 12 Person Enchanted Ultra Unicorn Birthday Party Kit

(92pcs) 12 Person Enchanted Ultra Unicorn Birthday Party Kit

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This unicorn birthday party is an experience unlike any other you have felt before. This Unicorn birthday party kit is designed so that you may have a 12 person birthday party kit. So if you can invite any 12 people to come over to your birthday party kit. If you wish to have a 24 person party kit, buy 2 kits, if you wish to have a 36 person party kit, buy 3. But if you wish to have a much more larger party as a 100 person unicorn party kit or 1000 unicorn party kit, contact us at voguefoxfashion@gmail.com and we will get you your special party kit! I promise if you set this unicorn party kit up you will fall in love with it!

Note this is not a 92 person kit this is all of the pieces combined if you wish to know what is in this party kit look at the list below and it will tell you what is in there. But if you want your very own customized birthday party kit contact us. Also if you help share this unicorn birthday party kit with your friends, we will give you a chance to win a FREE chocolate fountain.

Each set contain belowing products


1. Unicorn Party Plates--Qty 12--Size 18cm X 18cm

2. Enchanted Unicorn Cups--Qty 12--size 7.5cm X 5.2 cm X9cm

3. Unicorn Horn Straw-- Qty 12  length 25cm

4. Beautiful Unicorn Napkins--Qty 20   size  32cm X32cm

5. Super Unicorn Mask--Qty 12  Size  18cm X 9cm

6. Unicorn Gift Bags--Qty 12   Size 25cm X 16CM

7. Magical Unicorn Invitation Cards --Qty 12   

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